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Item no. : REDA100YO
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 16 October 2020



"This is a release that’s been long overdue. It’s somewhat of a missing puzzle piece for a lot of collectors. The original pressing was limited to 300 copies and it’s been out of print ever since. We started kicking around the idea of a deluxe reissue with expanded liner notes a few years ago and it just never came to fruition. So we were really excited when Redefining Darkness stepped up to the plate and offered to give it the full deluxe treatment that it deserves. This album sounds best as a double LP and we’ve retained that fidelity. But we’ve also improved the layout by changing it to a gatefold, and added a whole host of brand new liner notes written especially for this release. Mike penned song explanations for the whole record, and Alex wrote extensively about the recording session itself. This record means a lot to band and we’re proud and excited to see the vinyl finally live on in this new incarnation. We’re hopeful that a new label will draw new fans to this album, and happy that a lot of long-time loyal fans can now get complete their vinyl collection with this stellar pressing. This is the first album we brought into this world as Temple of Void. It set us off on a wild journey exploring the expanses of death and the depths of doom. It’s a journey we’re still energized to be on. And a journey we look forward to sharing with fans for years to come. Metal of Death. Life of Doom."
1. The Embalmer’s Art
2. Savage Howl
3. Beyond the Ultimate
4. Invocation of Demise
5. To Carry this Corpse Evermore
6. Rot in Solitude
7. Exanimate Gaze
8. Bargain in Death
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