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Due 26 July 2024
Item no. : BLP00110VB
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 26 July 2024



Black Lion is proud to announce the re-release of This Ending's debut "Garden Of Death", as CD and Vinyl!

This Ending open the gates to their „Garden Of Death“. The new album by the Swedes featuring Amon Amarth’s ex-drummer Fredrik Andersson was produced by guitarist Linus Nirbrant at studio Audiogrind while the meaningful cover-artwork was created by Björn Gooßes at Killustrations (The Crown, Nervecell, Dew-Scented…).

Re-released 2022 by Black Lion Records originally released by Apostasy Records in 2016.

2016 sees THIS ENDING returning with a true melodic death metal masterpiece. An album that has taken four years to make but in return the result is uncompromising. After a few setbacks in loosing bassist Jesper Löfgren, and later also guitarist Leo Pignon the band faced many challenges, and its existence was unsure for some time. But with the addition of A Canorous Quintet original bass player Linus Pettersson the band was finally taking another breath of air and its blackened heart started pumping out some new, plagued, blood. With the returning of an original member and with the re-release of A Canorous Quintet material the band felt that it needed to return to its roots of pure melodic death metal. Songs started to take form but weren't rushed. The plan was to write the best songs possible and let them take the time it deserved. The result was nine songs of Apocalyptic, Brutal yet Catchy melodic death metal. THIS ENDING will teach you their metal alphabet in the best way possible! Garden Of Death was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Audiogrind Studio by Linus Nirbrant and engineered by Linus Nirbrant and Tobias Sillman (ex-General Surgery). To give the album cover the necessary atmosphere Björn Gooses of Killustration was hired to take care of the artwork and layout. As we see the world turn into a Garden of Death we do it to the music of THIS ENDING.

1. Torrent of souls
2. Blackened shrine
3. Boundaries of hell
4. Dark Samaritan
5. Garden of death
6. Victims
7. World of nightmares
8. Chaos within
9. Vultures
10. Haunted (Bonus)
11. Altars of Plague (Bonus)
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