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THY CATAFALQUE has rarely done obvious music. Mastermind Tamas Katai prefers to compose lasting songs that demand patience and only slowly reveal their stunning beauty and sinister depths. With his sixth album 'Sgurrr, the Hungarian achieves an even more balanced and subtle approach. Continuing on the course set by previous full-length 'Rengeteg' (2011) which helped him reach a wider audience, the multi-instrumentalist weaves a colourful tapestry of sounds with strands of metal, folklore, rock and even some jazz as well as pop. THY CATAFALQUE’s musical amalgamation is so eclectic, lush, surprising and one of a kind that the only tag it can rightly bear is definitely “avant-garde metal”. With a sweeping new album like 'Sgurr backed by impressive new guests, THY CATAFALQUE is ready for the next step. Join the cult!
1. Zugo
2. Alfoldi Kozmosz
3. Oldodo Formak A Halal Titokzatos Birodalmab
4. A Hajnal Kek Kapuja
5. Elo Leny
6. Jura
7. Sgurr Eilde Mor
8. Keringo
9. Zugo
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