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Item no. : SOM632
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 10 December 2021



8th full length album from Thy Catafalque!

THY CATAFALQUE do not pretend to produce easy-listening music that comes as easy as it quickly fades out of the mind again. ‘Vadak’ demands to be listened to with full attention, but with every new spin this masterpiece reveals more of its secrets and rewards the listener with a rich treasure of fascinating details...

For fans of Solefald, Arcturus, Ulver

1. Szarvas
2. Köszöntsd a hajnalt
3. Gömböc
4. Az energiamegmaradás törvénye
5. Móló
6. A kupolaváros titka
7. Kiscsikó (Irénke dala)
8. Piros-sárga
9. Vadak (Az átváltozás rítusai)
10. Zúzmara
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