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Item no. : 1154102
Artist : TOM WAITS
Product type : Compact Disc Box Set
Release Date : 06 October 2023



6 (!!) Compact Disc Box Set from the worlds famous American artist TOM WAITS. Radio broadcasts from the years 1977-2006 incl. his mega hits. The American singer, composer and author Tom Waits combines influences from classical genres in his music like blues, rock, jazz and folk. He has been successful in doing this for decades. Since the beginning of his career in the 1970s, he has been covered by countless musicians.
CD 1: 1977 1. The One That Got Away 2. Step Right Up 3. Jitterbug Boy 4. New Coat Of Paint 5. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) 6. Depot Depot 7. I Never Talk To Strangers 8. Pasties And A G-String (At The Two O'Clock Club)
CD 2: 1977 1. Small Change (Got Rained On With His Own) 2. I Wish I Was In New Orleans (In The Ninth Ward) 3. Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson) 4. Cupid 5. (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night 6. Potter's Field 7. San Diego Serenade
CD 3: 1999 1. Lucky day overture and fragments from Step right up 2. Black rider 3. Jockey full of bourbon 4. Jesus gonna be here 5. Get behind the mule 6. Walk away 7. Chocolate Jesus 8. Hold On 9. Eyeball kid 10. What's he building 11. A little rain 12. Invitation to the blues
CD 4: 1999 1. Shore leave 2. Pony 3. Filipino box spring hog 4. Come on up to the house 5. House where nobody lives 6. Singapore 7. The heart of Saturday night 8. Goin' out west 9. I can't wait to get off work 10. Picture in a frame
11. Who are you 12. Heartattack and wine 13. Time
CD 5: 2006 1. Lie To Me 2. 2:19 3. Way Down In The Hole 4. November 5. God's Away On Business 6. Tango 'Til They're Sore 7. Tom Traubert's Blues 8. The Eyeball Kid 9. Murder in the Red Barn 10. Hoist That Rag
CD 6: 2006 1. Day After Tomorrow 2. On The Nickel 3. Cemetery Polka 4. Rains On Me 5. Ramblin' Man 6. Bottom of the World 7. Til the Money Runs Out


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