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Item no. : SOM672EP
Artist : TOMBS
Product type : Vinyl Mini LP
Release Date : 04 November 2022



New Jersey/New York metal collective TOMBS showcases its diverse range of talents and influences on this five song EP! While original song and title track “Ex Oblivion” is a core expression of TOMBS’ dark and melodic black metal infused sound, the band traverses into new territory with a gothic trip hop remix of the ‘Under Sullen Skies’ single “Sombre Ruin” as well as the inclusion of experimental ambient track “Murder Legendre.” In addition, the band pays homage to their roots with faithful covers of songs from Motörhead and GG Allin!
1. Ex Oblivion
2. Killed By Death (Motörhead)
3. Commit Suicide (GG ALLIN)
4. Sombre Ruins Nothing Remains (RKGD Audio Remix)
5. Murder Legendre
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