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Item no. : VPD624
Artist : TOMITA
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 30 September 2022



Isao Tomita, born in April 1932 and known simply as Tomita, was a Japanese composer widely regarded as one of the great pioneers of electronic music.  He made extensive use of synthesizers to create new sounds to accompany and enhance his electronic realizations of acoustic instruments. His futuristic science-fiction themes were influential for synth-pop and trance-like rhythms that were to follow.  Many of his albums are adaptations of familiar classical music pieces.  Tomita received four Grammy Award nominations for his 1974 album Snowflakes Are Dancing based on the music of Debussy.  He passed away in 2016.

CD1 Kosmos
1. Star Wars
2. Space Fantasy
3. Pacific 231
4. The Unanswered Question
5. Aranjuez
6. Peer Gynt, Solveig's Song
7. Hora Staccato
8. The Sea Named Solaris

CD2 The Bermuda Triangle
1. The Round Space Ship Landing on the Earth While Emitting Silvery Lights/ The arrival of UFO and the Mysterious Electric Waves
2. Strong Electro-Magnetic Waves (Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet – Suite No. 2: Montagues and Capulets)
3. The World of the Different Dimensions (Sibelius: Valse Triste)
4. The Giant Pyramid Sitting at the Bottom of The Sea of Bermuda and the Ancient People (Prokofiev: Scythian Suite – The Adoration of Veles and Ala)
5. The Venus Wearing the Space Uniform Shining in Fluorescent Light Color/ The Return of UFO (Williams: Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
6. The Children Playing in Agharta, the Deep Underground Kingdom (Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5 – Second Movement)
7. he Hollow Vessel Called The Earth/ Dororo
8. The Song of Venus (Prokofiev: Violin Concerto No. 1 – First Movement)
9. The Dawn at Bermuda (Prokofiev: Symphony No. 6 – First Movement)
10. The Dazzling Bright Cylindrical Object Which Had Crashed Into Tunguska, Siberia (Prokofiev: Symphony No. 6 – First Movement)
11. The Harp Being Played by the Ancient People and the Venus and Her Space Children Singing the Song of Future (Prokofiev: Violin Concerto No. 1 – Third Movement)
12. The Visionary Flight to the 1448 Nebular Group of the Bootes/ The Departure of UFO

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