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Item no. : AACD0101
Artist : TORI AMOS
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 23 January 2012



After several false dawns in her musical career, Tori Amos finally made her much anticipated breakthrough in 1992 with her debut solo album Little Earthquakes. The album broke to great critical acclaim, becoming a mainstay in both the UK Album Chart and US Billboard 200 throughout the course of the year, as Tori laid down the foundations of a career which would see her develop into one of the finest singer-songwriters of her generation.

During her 1992 world tour in support of the record she stopped over in Toronto, Canada at the end of October for a stunning show at The Phoenix, where she played a set featuring many songs from her debut, together with unexpected Nirvana and Led Zeppelin covers, all of which lay testament to her immense musicianship, startling creativity and unique talent. Hot Ticket Radio were on hand that evening to air the show live across Canada and this CD captures the superb FM broadcast perfectly, allowing the listener to re-live the experience as if in attendance on the night in question.

1. Happy Phantom 4.13 2. Crucify 6.18 3. Silent All These Years 7.48 4. Precious Things 5.47 5. Leather 3.29 6. Tear in Your Hand 5.26 7. Whole Lotta Love 4.09 8. Thank You 2.22 9. Tori Speaks 0.16 10. Winter 6.58 11. Smells Like Teen Spirit 3.40

Tracks 1-11 Hot Ticket Radio Show, The Pheonix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 28.10.1992

12. Crucify 5.14 13. Leather 3.25 14. Silent All These Years 4.51 15. Winter 5.56

Tracks 12-15 Q101 Chicago, 3.3.1993

16. Upside Down 4.41 17. Sugar 3.36

Tracks 16-17 CFNY Toronto, 5.3.1993

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