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Item no. : FAT938
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 02 February 2015



Jack Dalrymple has cultivated a near legendary status with his involvement in One Man Army, Swingin’ Utters, Dead To Me, and The Revolts.
Of course, few musicians in punk rock possess a calling card like Jack’s velvety vocals, but his song writing and guitar work are just as renowned.

All three talents are on full display in Jack’s latest endeavor, toyGuitar. Filled out by Miles Peck, Rosie Gonce, and Paul Oxborrow, all outstanding musicians in their own right, toyGuitar churns out a hyper-elevated level of garage rock.

Based on the raw fuzz of 70’s protopunk and complemented by intricate guitar leads, unbelievably hook laden melodies, and captivating lead and backing vocals, toyGuitar’s ultra-stylized sound even incorporates elements of surf, 60’s soul, and power pop.

In This Mess is toyGuitar’s first full-length and first release on Fat.
From the Bowie-esque twinge of “Human Hyenas”, to an attitude reminiscent of The Stooges on “In My Head”, to the hypnotic vibe of “Roller Coasters”, every track on In This Mess offers something unique without ever losing the album’s pervasive jolt of energy.


1. Human Hyenas
2. When It Was Over
3. Is It True?
4. I’m in My Head
5. In This Mess
6. Static Attraction
7. Let’s Talk in the Shower
8. Sliver of Sun
9. On a Wire
10. Until I Find You
11. Roller Coasters
12. Loose in a Room
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