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Item no. : FRCD1310
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Release Date : 17 March 2023



Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the debut album, "Seven Worlds", from Transworld Identity (T-ID). T-ID is a new Finnish/English rock band featuring vocalist Mila Bosa, guitarist Mika "Lamppari" Lamminsivu, keyboardist Juha "Junnu" Kinnunen, bassist Kasperi Kinnunen, and drummer Lacu Lahtinen. T-ID's music draws inspiration from the core foundations of hard rock music, showcasing that feel-good factor that will get your adrenaline flowing.
1. Everything Must Burn
2. Play & Pretend
3. I'm Such A Liar
4. Part Maroon, Part Indigo
5. Time
6. Starchild
7. Seven Worlds
8. In For The Long Haul
9. Livin' On The Run
10. Never Lost My Faith
11. Roseate
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