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Item no. : MV0302V
Artist : TRAPEZE
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 15 December 2023



The tracks on "Lost Tapes Vol.1" are a collection of previously unreleased TRAPEZE songs compiled by Tom Galley, brother of TRAPEZE founding member Mel Galley. The tracks are from various recording sessions, starting in the early 70s until the band's break-up in the 90s. 
The tracks not only prove how good the various TRAPEZE line-ups were, but also capture the passion, energy and enthusiasm in the making of the songs themselves. 
"Lost Tapes Vol. 1" contains a total of 14 songs that are just as first-class as the well-known tracks on the band's albums. And some of these tracks will probably become classics in the same way. "Lost Tapes Vol. 1" offers the opportunity to hear TRAPEZE with all its original energy, which shows that there was much more untapped potential lying dormant between the musicians involved than had previously been assumed. 
01 Cool Water 
02 Lover 
03 Breakdown 
04 Don't Let Them Push You 
05 Destiny 
06 Lights Of Tokyo 
07 So In Love 
08 Bad Kid From School 
09 Catching Up On You 
10 Do You Understand 
11 Enough Is Enough 
12 You've Got It 
13 Who Do You Run To 
14 Going Home 
Side A: 
01 Cool Water 
02 Lover 
03 Enough Is Enough 
04 So In Love 
Side B: 
01 Breakdown 
02 Don't Let Them Push You 
03. Going Home 
Side C: 
01 Destiny 
02 Bad Kid From School 
03 Catching Up On You 
Side D: 
01 Do You Understand 
02 You've Got It 
03 Who Do You Run To 
04. Lights Of Tokyo 

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