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TRINITAS is the unholy alliance of Three hailing the old spirit of Black Metal. The triangle of flames is heading from Germany and Sweden. Members are Vargher (Guitars, Bass, Additional Vocals), Tormentor (Drums) and Azathoth (Necromantical Screams, Lyrics). The idea for TRINITAS came up in the year 2012. All three members knew each other for quite some years at that point due to their other band activities. From the beginning on it was clear, that TRINITAS should be a tribute to the Black Metal movement of the early 90s. Therefore the music is raw and in a way primitive - a conscious opposite pole to what people call Black Metal nowadays. There is nothing progressive what so ever in the music of TRINITAS and the lyrics only deal with death and the devil - just the way it was meant to be back in the days. A tribute to a time, when Black Metal was more than just music.

It took until 2018, when the first three songs were recorded. They were released on the self-titled MCD and MLP via German label War Anthem Records in 2019. In 2021 Azathoth came up with the idea to record a first full-length album. Within three weeks Vargher composed nine songs for the album. Short time later the band agreed to a cooperation with German label Vàn Records to release the debut album, which will be entitled Total Heresy. It was recorded in several studios in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

1. Tomb Of The Misanthrope
2. Pyroclastic Crucifixion
3. Trinitas, By The Unholy Sign Of The Three
4. Supernova Lucifer
5. Rite Of The Necromancer
6. Dust And Shadows
7. A Hail To The Realm Of Cernunnos
8. Total Heresy
9. Morgwyn, Burn In The Night
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