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Item no. : HRR092LP2
Artist : TROUBLE
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 20 July 2018



Trouble's recording history in the 1990s began with two albums for Def Jam, namely "Trouble" followed by "Manic Frustration." After that, Rick Rubin, Def Jam's owner, got into some serious financial trouble. And all of a sudden Trouble found themselves with no record deal ... This was the time, 1994, when the legendary "One For The Road" demo was published. Guitarist Rick Wartell tries to reconstruct the whole story: "When we recorded 'One For The Road' in 1994, the deal for the 'Plastic Green Head' album was already in place. So why did we record that? Pre-production?"  His colleague Bruce Franklin knows better: "Yeah, I think we were just seeing what we had. Every tour we do, we see all these people with different kinds of bootlegs. We were not making money, so we decided to bootleg ourselves. We recorded a demo, pressed up 1,500 copies, sold it for cash right there on the road, and for once we made money ourselves. The record company did not make money, the bootleggers did not make money, we did. The songs were recorded in a studio, it wasn't a great studio, so it wasn't album quality, but still good. A good demo - that's all."
According to Bruce Franklin, “Requiem”, “Another Day” and “Going Home” ended up being on "Plastic Green Head" and "Simple Mind Condition" respectively. All in all, the compilation "Victims Of The Insane (Demos & Rarities Part 2)" contains 14 rare demo recordings from the 1993/94 period as well as a furious 1994 live rendition of  the song “Doom March” from Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
1. Long Shadows Fall
2. Doom Box
3. Requiem
4. Heart Full of Soul
5. Another Day
6. Here the Earth
7. Goin' Home
8. Window Pain
9. Mythic Hero
10. Fly
11. Get Back (BEATLES Cover)
12. Another Day
13. Requiem
14. Doom March
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