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TWOPOINTEIGHT and producer Johan Gustafsson (The Hives, Entombed, Status Quo and Fireside) have created an album filled to the brim with heart and soul, energy and dynamics, cleverness and stupidity, picking from a wide range of influences and grounded in their punk rock roots. TWOPOINTEIGHT is probably the most genuine and soulful Swedish band out right now. To just call them a punk rock band doesn’t really do them justice. The music is full of hell and has the edge that punk rock had before music television and designer-ripped jeans. It’s been a long road with plenty of time to experiment, find the sound and come into their own…and the trip has only just begun. The first single and video is ’Red Eye’ and the second is ‘Lay Down On The Ground’.
1. Red Eye
2. Cop Kids
3. Head First
4. 555
5. Ticket
6. One Foor In The Grave
7. Rlrcstr
8. Get Up/Stand Up
9. Lay Down On The Ground
10. Wild And Wicked
11. Your Screaming Aphrodite
12. Where I Go
13. Tpe Vs Elektroid
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