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Item no. : 6422535
Artist : TYRANT
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : MDD
Release Date : 25 November 2022



Tyrant was founded in 1983 near Ulm and was often compared to Accept in the 80s, although the influence of British
bands like Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon cannot be denied. Until their break-up in 1990, they released four studio
albums and one live album. The re-released "Running Hot" is the third studio album from 1986, which was originally
only released on vinyl. In 2009 it was remastered again by Sascha Menschl and released on CD for the first time with
2 bonus live tracks from the 1990 live album "Live And Crazy". In December 2020, the band announced their reunion
and has been working on a live programme since then, with which they will return to the stages at the "Keep It True
- Rising" festival in October 2022.
1. Rock Your Bottom 2. Breakout 3. Taste Of Paradise 4. When The Raven Flies Again 5. Running Hot 6. Fire At
Sea 7. Take The Most Dangerous Way 8. Get Ready 9. She's A Killer 10. Starlight 11. Get Ready (live) (Bonustrack)
12. Rock Your Bottom (Live) (Bonustrack)
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