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Item no. : ARCD035
Artist : URGEHAL
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 June 2006



Re-edition of band’s 3rd full-length album with different lay out and front cover other than the first pressing had. The edition includes all ryics as well as Kreator’s cover as a bonus. Over 35 minutes of pounding darkness and satanic tunes of one of the mile-stone bands of nowadays Black Metal scene. Worth mentioning is the fact that ‘Atomkinder’ was the first album the band released after they left No Colours Records. It is also the first album featuring Uruz, the blast beats master of drum kit and Shregroth (bass) who refreshed the music with their skills and ideas. Highly recommended not only for Urgehal’s fans but also for true worshippers of Satanic Black Metal!

1. Atomkinder
2. Nocturnal Revelation
3. Through The Grace Of Hell
4. Nyx
5. Ripping Corpse
6. Antichrist
7. Bleed Suffer Die
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