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Item no. : MASD1248
Artist : URKRAFT
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 27 May 2022



The Danish metal band URKRAFT presents its 5th and most brutal album so far! You will experience an intensified and more violent version of their melodic, gloomy, and fast death metal style.

There is heavy melancholy to be traced in every tone and beat that testifies to the dark side of life from which we all emanate. Likewise, the texts revolve around the shadowy sides of life, meaningless fanaticism, and vicious acts of dominant patriarchs.

"The True Protagonist" is the latest creation in URKRAFT's brutal and hard-hitting back catalogue, starting with the early screams of "Eternal Cosmic Slaughter", the melodic breakthrough of "The Inhuman Aberration", over the crushing "A Scornful Death", to the band's resurrection of "Our Treacherous Fathers".

The band comments: "This album has not come easily, but it feels right in every way. We remain true to our sound and style but have added a lot of anger and aggression gathered over the years to all the album's 11 tracks. We remain angry, but also quite satisfied with the result!"

1. Uforskyldte Sa?r
2. The True Protagonist
3. I Got Blood
4. I Bring Nothing To The Table (Feat. Kim Song Sternkopf)
5. The Human Resignation
6. The Burden Without A Name
7. Well Intentioned Sons
8. Go, Get Your Bones
9. Changing Manscape
10. Prepare The Flesh
11. We Can't Recognize
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