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Item no. : GCR550861LP
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Release Date : 17 November 2023


Not only in the current hard rock/metal scene, more and more young bands, including many German acts (Wucan for example), are referring to the years of Krautrock, which are much more appreciated today. Of course, the term is not directly a style, as almost everything from hard rock to jazz/fusion was once thrown into this pot. In addition to electronic pioneers like Can, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, there were also groups that can be considered rock: Jane, Birth Control and Lucifer's Friend are just three examples. On “German Rock” you can also find one of the early bands: Floh De Cologne, who already offered rock with German language in the early seventies. The hard rockers Mass from Regensburg released their debut album, which is also recognized on “German Rock”, in 1977.

The rest of this unusual compilation, which is only available on vinyl, looks at late groups that delivered a sound in the early eighties that could easily have originated a few years earlier. And in fact at least two songs were written at the end of the 1970s, but the record deal or the capital for self-pressing came “too late”. Many of these exciting bands like Iris, Cannock or Sphinx were no longer in keeping with the spirit of the times when they appeared, so they had few or only local chances. Today, fans and curious people are looking for unknown acts that bring a bygone era to life.

Handmade music, not just live, but also in the recording studio. The material from the early 80s groups on this compilation may remind some people of the regional heroes that you could still experience in local sports halls in the 80s... However, nostalgia is not the main concern of this LP, but rather the preservation of valuable music that wasn't released on the big major labels at the time.


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