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Release Date : 03 June 2022



Here comes again the ultimate Ibiza-Party-Feeling! Bunched on one CD we have a "Meet and Greet" of the moment's
hottest and most famous DJs, Artists and Producers in the Housemusic-Business!
1. The Disco Boys feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: For You (El Profesor Extended Remix) 2. DJ Antoine & Flip
Capella feat. Evelyn: Dark Love 3. Niels Van Gogh, New Sound Nation & Jorik Burema: Turn off the Lights (VIP Edit)
4. FR!ES: Illuminate (Extended Mix) 5. Le Shuuk & Papi Pepe: Macarena (Extended Mix) 6. Sans Souci: Nanda 7.
Dante Klein feat. Megan Brands: Tell It To My Heart (Extended Mix) 8. Armand Van Helden & Meck feat. Leo Sayer:
Thunder in My Heart Again (Extended Mix) 9. Lorenzo De Blanck: Okay (Ben Kim Remix) 10. The Deepshakerz & Kid
Enigma: What I Do (Original Mix) 11. Giorgio Gee: All I Got 12. Mazza: Baby 13. Freischwimmer & C-Ro: Live My Life
14. Klaas: Shine A Light 15. DJ PD: Deep In Your Soul (Extended Mix) 16. Rio Dela Duna: Got Me Burnin' (Spooner
Extended Remix) 17. Martin Trevy: Bassline (Extended Mix) 18. Anna Grey & NOØN: Belka (Extended Mix) 19. Hanna
& ARSENIUM: Coco-Inna (TYMMA Extended Remix) 20. MICAH, Marc Kiss & OMAO: Compete 21. Daniele Cognata:
Don't Le (Extended Mix) 22. Renns: Don't Wanna Be Alone (Original Mix) 23. Keno & Lea König: O.M.G. (Extended
Mix) 24. Sven Schwarz: Open Up To me (Extended Mix) 25. Kery Fay: Thinking About You (Extended Mix) 26. Blaikz
& Dantec feat. Renee Rose: Sweet Melodies (MISERO Remix) 27. Marc Canova: I Got To Know 28. KOCHAM: Beat
Goes On 29. Micha Moor: Obsession (Extended Mix) 30. Mario da Ragnio x Mikimoto: The Walls feat. Janou 31.
Giorgio Bosko: To Tango Tis Nefelis 32. Aemilian x Basti M x Blaikz: For You (VIP Extended Mix) 33. Mischa Dash:
Hollow Flow 34. Inpetto & Aribo: Somehow (Extended Mix) 35. Esox: Find The Summer 36. Robaer & Stupid Goldfish:
In My Mind 37. Darius & Finlay & Lotus feat. Snoop Dogg: Last Flame (Jack Rush Remix) 38. Mark Plus Us + Ton
Don: Like You 39. l'essay & Cal1: Love Medicine 40. Max Ohm: Too Far


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