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Item no. : VILE008
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Release Date : 02 October 2020



During these strange times of Coronavirus, Covid-19, whatever you want to call it, and due to social distancing, bands can't play gigs and no-one can go to gigs; so we are bringing the gigs to you!

Side A was recorded at the 100 Club, the line-up being Rat- vocals, Damien Thompson - Guitar, Andy Baker - drums and Brik on bass. This is just one of the many times The Varukers got to play the 100 Club; and it was then, as it is now, a prestigious venue to play.

Side B was recorded at one of the numerous gigs the band played in the North East, having received great support from that area of the country since 1986 (long may it continue!). The line up for this show was Rat - vocals, Paul Miles - guitar, Graham Keer - bass and Warren on drums. Most of the shows we played in the North East were booked by Toots, who sadly is no longer with us. This release is dedicated to him.

Side A - 100 Club
1. Dance 'til you're dead
2. The end is nigh
3. Good time girls
4. Die for your government
5. No masters - No slaves
6. I don't wanna be a victim
7. All systems fail
8. Led to the slaughter
9. Soldier boy
10. Don't conform
11. United we stand
12. Protest to survive

Side B - Bensham Working Mens Club
13. Who pays?
14. In South Africa
15. Die for your government
16. Neglected
17. Protect not dissect
18. No escape
19. Persistent Resistance
20. Deadly Games
21. Animal's an animal
22. A lesson we must never forget
23. One struggle - One fight

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