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Item no. : SC379CD
Artist : VEONITY
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 04 September 2020



Powerful melodies, majestic choirs and catchy refrains: Scandinavian power metal at its best! ‘Sorrows’, Veonity's fourth studio album, sets a slighter darker and heavier tone than the band’s previous records. A small amount of symphonic additions as well as progressive elements strays from the typical ultra-power metal style that signifies Veonity. However, the foundation that Veonity rests upon is still intact: lots of guitars, double bass-drums and an abundance of epic choirs, solos and metal screams. Lyrically, Veonity has moved beyond the conceptual story found on their previous work while just keeping a conceptual theme. The songs on ‘Sorrows’ describe issues of betrayal, grief and solitude – all neatly wrapped up in a glorious power metal blanket.
1. Broken
2. Graced or Damned
3. Back in to the Dark
4. Blinded Eyes Will See
5. Where Our Memories Used to Grow
6. Acceptance
7. Free Again
8. Center of the Storm
9. War
10. Fear of Being Alive
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