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Item no. : EVR117CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 17 April 2006



Tucson, Arizona’s Versus The Mirror are not just another powerful, heartfelt rock band with a gritty yet melodic edge.
Despite their age (they’re in their early twenties) and vigorous music, Versus The Mirror, who’ve been together in this incarnation for 2 years and self-financed a 5-song EP before linking up with Equal Vision Records, are like a bunch of old souls trapped in young bodies. The quintet has effectively and ironically created a fresh sound by using old, unfashionable recording techniques on their EVR debut, Home. They’re making it new by revisiting the old. Versus The Mirror, who’ve toured with My American Heart, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, A Change Of Pace, and The Fall Of Troy, are focused and centered, and they know what they want to convey to their listeners. And that’s a sense of urgency, immediacy, and honesty.


  • 01. Birthed By Architecture
  • 02. Smoke It To The Rope
  • 03. Barracuda Capital Of The World
  • 04. Great White Zombie
  • 05. Life As A Criminal
  • 06. The Sound Asleep
  • 07. Out Of Context
  • 08. Lets Get Alone
  • 09. Boy Gets What He Wants
  • 10. Fear Will Keep Them In Line
  • 11. Home
  • 12. (I Am) The Master Of Gravity
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