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Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

Due 06 September 2024
Item no. : SOM801D
Artist : VESTIGE
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 06 September 2024



From the tempestuous union in Naraka, adorned with stints on stage with legends like Cradle of Filth and Alcest, emerged VESTIGE—Théodore Rondeau's evocative creation after a tumultuous personal era. The band, with its rich, modern metal aura, is poised to entwine their raw emotions with the very fabric of their listener's soul. Anticipate Janis, VESTIGE's inaugural album — profound sounds and whispered silences, crafting a musical narrative that grips the heart. With tracks that traverse through atmospheric shoegaze, intense melodic landscapes, and poignant tormented times, Janis juxtaposes the agony of despair with the sublime beauty of hope. It's a vessel of catharsis inviting you to dissolve your fears and reforge them into something beautiful. VESTIGE's dynamic lineup of Théodore Rondeau (Vocals), Pierre-André Krauzer (Bass), Quentin Regnault (Drums) and Thomas Petit (Guitar), promises a raw, exhilarating auditory journey which grafts a mark on the modern metal scene and insists on leaving a legacy as timeless as the emotions that inspire them.
1. Différent 
2. Deviens la Nuit 
3. Démence de l'Âme 
4. Océan 
5. Automne Part.1 
6. Automne Part.2 feat Neige (Alcest) 
7. Appel de l'Âme 
8. Corrosion 
9. Stigmates du Temps 
10. Envol de l'Âme 
11. Avant la Fin 
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