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Item no. : LMC196CD
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 26 February 2007


Ukrainian born Vitalij Kuprij is consistently at the top of keyboard player polls worldwide having been involved in some of the finest progressive/neo-classical albums of recent years from acts such as Artension and Ring Of Fire. In addition to these band works, Vitalij has had a very prolific solo output and his new solo album ‘Glacial Inferno’ marks his fifth solo adventure to date and second solo release on Lion Music following 2004’s ‘Forward & Beyond’. The new solo album sees an extremely powerful line up of Vitalij with Michael Harris on guitar, and the former Yngwie Malmsteen/Ark rhythm section of John Maccaluso on drums and Randy Coven on bass. ‘Glacial Inferno’ offers up something truly special for Vitalij’s legion of fans with a very innovative sound that has all the trademarks one expects; but also fresh elements coming into the Kuprij arsenal with fusings of Vitalij’s classical knowledge, progressive leanings, fusion and even folk. ‘Glacial Inferno’ is a very dynamic album that contrasts between heavy and mellow, straight virtuosic to very powerful and epic. On the album Vitalij comments, “The aim of the album was o express myself musically and compositionally in the best possible way to make my friends and fans enjoy it and relate to it, as well as to grow further as an artist and composer/instrumentalist and producer”. Just one listen proves that Vitalij has succeeded in this aim.
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