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Item no. : MASSCD1487DG
Artist : VOIVOD
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 03 November 2014



The fourteenth album by the immensely influential Canadian prog metal band Voivod! Released back in 2005, after the tragic death of the guitarist, and one of the band’s founding members, Piggy, the album was for the most part composed around Piggy’s guitar parts, which he managed to record before his passing. The album, finished by the remaining trio of Snake, Away, and Jason “Jasonic” Newstead (ex-Metallica) and produced by Glen Robinson, constitutes, arguably, Voivod’s best sounding release up to that point and features 10 compositions recorded in the unique style the band’s fans have come to cherish.
Voivod was formed in 1982, the original lineup including  Denis D'Amour (Piggy), Jean-Yves Thériault (Blacky), Michel Langevin (Away), and Denis Bélanger (Snake).  In 1984, the band appeared on Metal Blade’s Metal Massacre compilation series and, shortly afterward, their debut album “War and Pain” was released. 1986 saw the release of “Rrrooaaarrr” and, in 1987, their first truly progressive album, “Killing Technology”, came out. The band continued developing their unique style, recording a series of albums including the 1988’s “Dimension: Hatross”, one of the most innovative metal albums to this day, the 1989’s more accessible “Nothingface” (significantly, followed by a tour with Faith No More and Soundgarden), and the less critically acclaimed at the time of release, though gradually gaining their well-deserved recognition in the following years, “Angel Rat” (1991) and “The Outer Limits” (1993). Following Blacky’s and Snake’s departure after “Angel Rat” and “The Outer Limits” respectively, Voivod released “Negatron” in 1995 and “Phobos” in 1997, with Eric Forrest on the bass and vocals. Their next album, “Voivod”, would not see the light of day until 6 years later, by which time Snake decided to rejoin their ranks, together with Metallica’s former bassist Jason “Jasonic” Newsted. The year 2005 saw the untimely death of Piggy, following which Voivod released 2 more albums featuring songs based on Piggy’s previously recorded guitar tracks: “Katorz” (2006) and “Infini” (2009).
1. God Phones
2. From The Cave
3. Earthache
4. Global Warning
5. A Room With A V.U.
6. Destroy After Reading
7. Treasure Chase
8. Krap Radio
9. In Orbit
10. Deathproof
11. Pyramidome
12. Morpheus
13. Volcano
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