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Chest (CM)

Due 21 June 2024
Item no. : BOBV1056CDBX
Artist : VOYAGER
Release Date : 21 June 2024



4CD set from Perth's premier power prog outfit VOYAGER! Includes the band's first four studio albums 'Element V' (2003), 'UniVers' (2007), 'I Am the Revolution' (2009) and 'The Meaning of I' (2011).

If there is one word to describe VOYAGER’s current form, it is colourful. After years of evolution and amassing worldwide influences that mould the Australian quintet’s unique sound, VOYAGER have truly come into their own in recent years, crafting a path of success both on and off stage. The genre-transfiguring act blend new-romantic and 80’s infused vocals, keytar solos, technical yet melodic fretwork, groovy bass and bombastic drumming efforts. 
Element V
1. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
2. To The Morning Light
3. Cosmic Armageddon, Part I
4. Towards Uncertainty
5. The Eleventh Meridian
6. This Bitter Land
7. The Ancient Labyrinth
8. Miseria
9. Monument
10. The V Element
11. Cosmic Armageddon, Part II
12. Time For A Change
13. Echoes Of Old Terra
Bonus tracks
14. Now And Forever
15. Evolution
16. Alter-Id

1. Higher Existence
2. Deep Weeds
3. Everwaiting
4. Between The Sheets
5. Sober
6. Cross The Line
7. Pulse 04
8. Falling
9. What I Need
10. One More Time
11. White Shadow
Bonus tracks
12. Autumn Day
13. Garden Of Love

I Am The Revolution
1. Land Of The Lies
2. Common Ground
3. Lost
4. The Devil In Me
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Total Existence Failure
7. Straight To The Other Side
8. In My Arms
9. Times Like These
10. On The Run From The World
11. Without A Sigh
12. I Am The Revolution
Bonus track
13. Lost (Live From Progpower)

The Meaning Of I
1. Momentary Relapse Of Pain
2. Stare Into The Night
3. Seize The Day
4. Broken
5. The Pensive Disarray
6. He Will Remain
7. The Meaning Of I
8. Iron Dream (In Memoriam: Peter Steele)
9. Feuer Meiner Zeit
10. Fire Of The Times
11. She Takes Me (Into The Morning Light)
12. It’s Time To Know
13. Are You Shaded?
Bonus tracks
14. The Meaning Of I (Live)
15. Lost (Live)
16. Stare Into The Night (Remix)
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