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Item no. : KAR056LPC
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Release Date : 05 March 2021



To celebrate the 11th anniversary of the 2nd album from Vulture Industries, “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register” has now gotten a makeover and will for the first time be available on vinyl. Re-mixed, de-mixed, remastered and unmastered, this release has been in the making for some time. Intent on an impeccable vinyl presentation, the band originally set out to re-mix the album. But good intentions turned to shit as the new master sounded worse than the original. So, two steps back, press reset, the original master was tweaked for vinyl and we are mighty pleased with the result. Originally released in 2010, “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register” was released to critical acclaim and took the band to big festivals such as Hellfest Open Air and Metal Days. With the band growing in size, and the latest single, “Deeper”, reaching half a million streams, we know the fans are hungry for something new. And this is the only Vulture Industries album that hasn’t been out on vinyl yet. So, while we wait for something completely different and new from the band, we can enjoy a trip down memory lane with “The Malefactor’s Bloody Register”. “The Malfactor’s Bloody Register” was originally recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studios with Bjørnar Nilsen, and was mastered by Brian Gardner (Isis, NIN, David Bowie). The album also features a guest performance by Herbrand Larsen (ex-Enslaved) on hammond organ, and performers on cello, viola and saxophone.
A1: Crooks and sinners
A2: Race for the gallows
A3: The bolted door
A4: Of branded blood
B1: I hung my heart on Harrow square
B2: This cursed flesh
B3: Hangman's hatch
B4: Crowning the cycle
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