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Item no. : BHR009CD
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Release Date : 08 June 2015



At the end of 2014,the legendary swedish Burning Heart label returned with a double-fresh start. In the form of its own comeback and with the reunited Bombshell Rocks album "Generation Tranquilized." With the release of the upcoming Walking With Strangers album "Terra" there is yet another reunion when this young swedish band out of Trollhattan is back after a year-long hiatus. A band that released their first album "Hardships" in 2012, and then sort of went into hiding, almost went under. But now back to settle the scores with themselves and the world. Walking With Strangers is a younger bands brought up in the same kind of harsh Swedish soil where Burning Heart found many of their previous acts. And is the company’s return to form within the harder-scene. Music that has somehow always been there to make up the label's heart and core. With this solid album a regenerated WWS serves us a modern aggro-metal attack that consists of equal buckets pure aggression, technical finesse and catchiness. An album from a forward-striving act that puts the focus and direction towards the the future with a modern sound and language.
1. Cleyra   
2. Carry The World   
3. Echoes   
4. Powerless   
5. False Flag   
6. Shores Of Another World
7. Cold North 
8. Lifestream  
9. Shattered  
10. Terra
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