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Item no. : HPS140LP
Artist : WARLUNG
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 23 October 2020



WARLUNG is a Texas rock band formed by long-time friends and brothers in 2016. Inspired by the sounds of old, they wrote heavy, catchy songs with a psychedelic twist.
By February 2017, they recorded their debut album, Sleepwalker, which was self-released the following fall. Playing festivals such as End Hip End It Fest and opening for acts like Wo Fat and Dead Meadow, they quickly gained a cult following around Texas.
Less than a year later, they entered the studio to record their second album, released in February 2019. Immortal Portal went on to hit #14 on Doom Charts and was included on Weedian’s first artist compilation. They continued to play various festivals, notably SXSW, and quickly became a fan favourite within the local rock community. Their audience grew as they opened for bands such as High Reeper, Forming the Void and King Buffalo.
In February 2020, they began production on their third album, Optical Delusions and teamed up with Heavy Psych Sounds for a release in late 2020.
1. Phantasmagoria
2. The Scorpion In The Sand
3. Snake Eyes
4. Sun Eater
5. Order Of The Solar Temple
6. Hell On Earth
7. Devil's Game
8. No Man's Land
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