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Item no. : FUZZCD030
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 02 November 2018



The new masters of groove and heavy fuzzy rock?
Having supported 'big' bands such as Red Fang, Danko Jones and Truckfighters, the time has come for the Canadians in We Hunt Buffalo to rise to the next level. 'Head Smashed In' is the bands second release on Fuzzorama and their fourth release in their career. It picks up where ‘Living Ghosts’ left off, you will hear the distinct vocal on Ryan and you know it is a We Hunt Buffalo song you got in your head! Whilst still being a record that has nice dynamics between songs ‘Head Smashed In’ is definitely the bands heaviest effort to date. The song ‘Heavy Low’ experiments with new drop tunings. The track Prophecy Wins is a more progressive, instrumental structure. ‘Angler Must Die’ is a straight ahead barn burner that sees Ryan taking on screaming duties for the first time.
1. Heavy Low
2. Angler Must Die
3. Prophecy Wins
4. Get In The Van
5. Industry Woes
6. The Giant’s Causeway
7. Keep it Refreshing
8. Anxious Children
9. God Games
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