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Due 19 July 2024
Item no. : DM0004LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 19 July 2024



'Die For Us' is the fifth full-length release in five years from WEREWOLVES, the world's most prolific metal band. WEREWOLVES is the final word in blunt-force death-metal fury. Created in 2019 as an experiment to see how quickly an album could be written and recorded by seasoned professionals Matt Wilcock (AKERCOCKE, THE BERZERKER), Sam Bean (THE BERZERKER), and Dave Haley (PSYCROPTIC), the experiment has gone fully out of control and blundered out into the music world garnering hate, fear, and wonder…and in 2024 the band has a rabid cult fanbase and 5 Albums & 1 EP to their name - half way to the goal of 10 Death Metal albums in 10 years. 'Die For Us' features guest vocals from fearsome Australian legend Rok from SADISTIK EXEKUTION in a performance that will leave you wiping spittle from your face.
1. Die For Us 
2. Beaten Back To Life 
3. Fuck You Got Mine 
4. My Hate is Strong 
5. The Company Of Wolves
6. Spittle-Flecked Rant
7. We All Deserve To Be Slaves
8. Under A Urinal Moon
9. Stay Down
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