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Release Date : 13 October 2008



Formed with the intention to honour England’s ancestral Anglo-Saxon past, WINTERFYLLETH (comprised of members culled from the UK’s most devastating doom contingent ATAVIST and likeminded UK comrades WODENSTHRONE) have set a solidified mission statement to bring awareness and re-ignite and remind people of England’s historical roots and ancestral past through their folk-influenced vitriolic black metal. Coining the term English Heritage Black Metal (EHBM), Winterfylleth (which translates into Winter Full Moon in the olde English language) represents the month of October (hence the coinciding release date) and also represents the Anglo-Saxon festival of the arrival of winter. With their “Rise Of The Winter Full Moon” demo, which was done in a very limited run but generated quite a reputable response, said demo displayed a fierce focused vision on what Winterfylleth want to achieve through their music, and with their “Ghost Of Heritage” debut, this vision becomes even more solidified and fleshed out. By combining vicious yet moody folk inspired black metal that harkens back to the early days of ENSLAVED and old-school ULVER, Winterfylleth also conjure feelings and moods that reflect with the likes of acts such as DRUDKH, HATE FOREST, and ISENGARD respectively while at the same time, forge new ground to herald a new movement in UK black metal and strengthen its scene at the same time and will indeed signal a new shift for the underground UK black metal scene.
1. Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain)
2. The March To Maldon
3. Brithnoth: The Battle Of Maldon (991 AD)
4. Forging The Iron Of England
5. The Ghost Of Heritage
6. Defending The Realm
7. Guardian Of The Herd
8. Casting The Runes
9. An Englishman’s Verse
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