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Along with the legendary Mercyful Fate and some considerably more obscure acts such as Alien Force, Randy and Crystal Knight, Copenhagen's own Witch Cross must rate as one of the best Danish heavy metal bands ever. Their 1984 album »Fit For Fight« is surely one of the Top 5 albums in the history of Danish metal.

»Fighting Back – The Studio Anthology« spans the years 1983 to 1985 and features all the songs that did not make it onto the band’s legendary »Fit For Fight« album. Guitarist and founder Mike Wlad (aka Mike Koch) explains: “All the songs we demoed with Cole on second guitar in 1983 made it to the album. But we had songs like ‘Neon Castle’ and ‘Fed Up On Iron’ that never made it to the album. ‘Midnight Mob’, ‘Damn The Klan’, ‘Night Hunter’, Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde’, ‘Chase The Shadows’ and ‘Close To The Edge’ were recorded after the album. The follow up album would have all of the songs included on it. Shame we never got to make the next album back in 1985.”

Kim Ruzz of Mercyful Fate fame plays drums on a number called “Close To The Edge”, and this is why: “Well, ‘Close To The Edge’ was written in Witch Cross just before we broke up. And when me and Alex formed a new band with Kim and Bennie Petersen both from Mercyful Fate we recoded the song. The band was called Wytch but it didn’t last long and then we formed Harlot.”

Apart from playing clubs in Copenhagen and around Denmark, Witch Cross did also appear at the prestigious Roskilde festival and played the Logo club in Hamburg as well as Eindhoven’s Dynamo. Surely the highlights of their early career? Mike Wlad confirms: “The first gig we played outside Denmark was at the Logo Club in Hamburg and we played it again in 1985. It was a huge experience for us all. I mean we were used to have a group of friends at most our early gigs so being well received in Hamburg was so awesome. Roskilde is the coolest festival in Denmark by far and when we got booked to play there, we thought this is it we have made it. Little did we know that it takes a lot more to ’make it’ ..."

1. Nighthunter
2. Damn the Klan
3. Chase Away the Shadows
4. Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde
5. Midnight Mob
6. Damn the Klan
7. Close to the Edge
8. Are You There
9. No Angel
1. Are You There
2. No Angel
3. Nighthunter
4. Damn the Klan
5. Chase Away the Shadows
6. Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde
7. Midnight Mob
8. Damn the Klan
9. Close to the Edge
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