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Item no. : AFMCD623
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 05 May 2017



It's time for the fourth installment of Wolfpakk, the melodic metal allstar project led by Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker). Once again the two experienced musicians have gathered a pack of "guest wolves" to refine the 11 new songs which will be featured on ‘Wolves Reign’. Again it’s the unmistakable combination of the two main protagonists’ songwriting and arrangement skills with the unique flavor the featured guests are adding: Biff Byford (Saxon), George Lynch (Dokken), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne), Ronny Atkins (Pretty Maids), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne), Tony Harnell (TNT), Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.), Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia), Timo Somers (Delain), Brad Gillis (Night Ranger), Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Michael Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen), just to name a few. Since the self-titled debut in 2011, this fact made Wolfpakk stand out from other projects and on ‘Wolves Reign’, Sweeney and Voss have found the perfect fine-tuning to make this new album the most adventurous and impressive of the four Wolfpakk outputs. Picking the right guests is an extensive process itself, making them shine inside the construct another challenge. So you can only guess how much effort, time and sweat have been invested into creating an album such as “Wolves Reign”. Still Sweeney and Voss are as motivated as ever to continue their prowl and give the fans a broad variety of different guest and characters.
01. Falling
02. Run All Night
03. Blood Brothers
04. Wolves Reign
05. No Remorse
06. Inside The Animal Mind
07. Scream Of The Hawk
08. The 10 Commandments
09. Mother Earth
10. Tomorrowland
11. I'm Onto You
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