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Item no. : SOM788LPD
Artist : WORMED
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 05 July 2024



Plunge into the boundless universe of WORMED, the ensemble hailing from the deep space of Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal. Masters of cosmic dissonance, they have triumphed in sculpting soundscapes that channel the infinite stretches of the galaxy. Omegon emerges as WORMED's latest masterpiece, a sonic voyage set against the backdrop of an ancient cosmic conflict where civilizations vie for the omnipotence of a substance beyond the mortal coil. Through the narrative of Krighsu, a hacker of timelines embroiled in cosmic manipulations, the album unfolds across nine tracks of technical precision and brutal elegance. Recorded at BlackStorm Studios and mastered by the adept hands of Colin Marston, Omegon is an auditory spectacle, weaving together the fabric of reality through layers of technical riffs, unearthly vocals, and narratives steeped in cosmic lore. Each track is a gateway to another dimension, promising listeners an experience that transcends the constraints of space and time.
1. Automaton Virtulague 
2. Pareidolia Robotica 
3. Protogod 
4. Pleoverse Omninertia 
5. Malignant Nexus 
6. Virtual Teratogenesis 
7. Aetheric Transdimensionalization 
8. Gravitational Servo Matrix 
9. Omegon 
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