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Item no. : ETAH140
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 22 June 2015



First edition in Super Jewel Box / SACD Sized, including oversized 12 pages booklet.
Official Album number 19, that - according to the artist – might well be the second last album by one of the longest living and most successful German electro/industrial projects!
Rudy Ratzinger has been recording and releasing music since 1991 – his debut album ‘Music for a slaughtering Tribe’ (1993 – Vuz Records) is a CLASSIC of it’s genre, as well as albums such as Bunkertor 7, Embryodead, Wreath of Barbs and countless others.
The new album features 10 all news tracks and will also be released on Vinyl and on the usual limited Box-Set (see Part 2 of this ‘wumpscut special’)

01 Wish I was a Failure 
02 That was the Life that was 
03 Oh Mein Kuemmerling
04 Gangraen 
05 Bucket of Perceptions 
06 Rattengift 
07 Das Deutsche Schwert
08 Kamerad Kaputt 
09 Basilius Fleischlein 
10 The Grim Reaper

Boxset special edition Digipack:

01 Bucket of Perceptions (Advent Resilience rmx)
02 Gangraen (Alexandre Guiraud & Coldnoise rmx)
03 The Grim Reaper (Cold Therapy rmx)
04 Gangraen (Xsry rmx)
05 Gangraen (John Bérb-Eluha rmx)
06 Gangraen (Advent Resilience rmx)
07 The Grim Reaper (Nigen rmx)
08 Gangraen (At My Fireplace rmx)
09 Das Deutsche Schwert (Advent Resilience rmx 1)
10 Wish I was a Failure (Advent Resilience rmx)
11 Kamerad Kaputt (Advent Resilience rmx)
12 Gangraen (Boston rmx by Kosmischeboy)
13 Wish I was a Failure (2nd Face rmx)
14 Basilius Fleischlein (Advent Resilience rmx)
15 Rattengift (Advent Resilience rmx)
16 The Grim Reaper (Advent Resilience rmx)
17 That was the Life that was (Nigen rmx)


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