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Item no. : HPS204LP
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Release Date : 14 July 2023



Yawning Man is acknowledged and recognized throughout the underground heavy music community as a key piece in the developments of the desert/stoner rock subgenres. While their contemporaries gravitated toward the heavy riffs of grunge, and post punk, Yawning Man leaned in another direction with their unique and organic, cinematic compositions and psychedelic improvisations...the perfect soundtrack to encompass the spacious moonscape atmosphere of the well documented "generator parties" of their area in the late 1980's.

The new album “Long walk of the Navajo” heads into a more dark and sometimes heavy direction that has each song telling its own story with a haunting and heavy sound that settles into its own space of beauty. Long walk of the Navajo features Gary Arce (Guitar), Bill Stinson (Drums), and the return of Billy Cordell (Bass).

The Long Walk Sessions were inspired by a desert storm that hit the Joshua tree landscape that created a dark and gloomy backdrop for the bands creativity and improvisations. The three together have an approach that seems to flow within the songs and allow the reverberating tones to breathe into those atmospheric desert landscape we can visualize with each song. Blood Sand was recorded at Gary’s house by Steve Kille of Dead Meadow in Oct of 2022. It was a complete improvisation. Long Walk of the Navajo and Respiratory Pause were recorded at Gatos Trail Recording Studio by Dan Joeright in January of 2023. All songs mixed and mastered by Steve Kille.

1. Long Walk of the Navajo
2. Respiratory Pause
3. Blood Sand
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