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Item no. : UBR017LP
Artist : ALL OUT WAR
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 01 November 2019



Latest album from cross-over thrash heroes ALL OUT WAR, featuring the classic lineup of Mike Score, Erik Carrillo, Taras Apuzzo, Andy Pietroloungo, and Jesse Sutherland.
Revolver Mag premier “Judas Always Crawls" single - “Judas Always Crawls" deals with humanity’s need for a saviour whether it be a politician or a religious zealot,” explains vocalist Mike Score. “These figures are held up and revered as they spit out empty slogans and bold-faced lies that the masses embrace as doctrine. These words bring comfort to a population desperate to bring forced order to chaos. In the end Judas will always betray the blind trust of the masses.”
“We were looking to change it up a bit on the writing of this record,” continues Score of band’s approach to Crawl Among The Filth. “The songs are faster and we drew from some different influences. Overall, the approach was a bit different this time around. It was a conscious effort to cut the fat and go straight for the throat.”
1. Divine Isolation
2. Judas Always Crawls
3. What Was Becomes Undone
4. Contempt Be Thy Faith
5. Drink The Plague
6. Suffocate And Subjugate
7. Gehenna Lights Eternal
8. Septic Infestation
9. Hanging On The Wire
10. Despised Regime
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