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From the metal loving city of Montreal comes one of the most killer riff machines this side of the three headed love child of IRON MAIDEN, THIN LIZZY and FU MANCHU. BARN BURNER have been cruising around Canada over the past few years spreading their love of the riff, good times and are ready to spread their beard encrusted rock to the rest of the world.
Metal Blade Records will be giving their debut album "Bangers" its official world wide release in 2010. The album has already received tons of praise from press from Canada to the UK from the album’s original release via New Romance for Kids Records.

"Up tempo stoner rock like a cross between The Atomic Bitchwax, Fu Manchu and The Fucking Champs…excellent musicianship." - Terrorizer Magazine

"Montreal’s Barn Burner is one of the most impressive Sabbath-inspired bands we’ve heard in a long time. The band’s newest offering, Bangers, is pure stoney mayhem. Comprised of heavy, minimal riffs, driving drums and major solos, this album will satiate any metal head’s yearning for primal rock." -

01. Holy Smokes
02. Fast Women
03. The Long Arm Of The Law
04. Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow
05. Runnin Reds
06. Medium Rare
07. Brohemoth
08. Half Past Haggard
09. Wizard Island
10. Tremors
11. Old Habits
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