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Item no. : ARCD032
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Release Date : 07 August 2006



CD RE-ISSUE OF EARLY VINYL ONLY BESTIAL MOCKERY SPLIT. CURRENT ALBUM ON OSMOSE RELEASED TO CRITICAL ACCLAIM. The year of 1995 two mentally distorted persons, Master Motorsåg and Warslaughter, got to know each other and eventually they understood that something had to be done to unleash their mental illness. A drug addict named Jocke Christcrusher and a huge metal punk named Micke Doomanfanger shoortly joined the band. But that was too evil to be true and it was. Christcrusher left both Sweden and Bestial Mockery before they could record their "Battle" Promo ´96, that‚s why it only includes guitar, vocals and drums. Anyhow since most avoided them as the plague they also had to record their first demo called "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" as a three-piece band. It was not until the fall of ´97. Second demo was recorded in spring ´98 called "Chainsaw Demons Return". Summer´99: Bestial Mockery was contacted by Max Varnier(RIP) from the french label Impaler of Trendies that were willing to unleash their next cassette effort, a six track called "WAR : The Final Solution" aswell as a split-live-tape with Canada‚s LUST called "Live for Violence". Sir Torment was charged for treason at their war tribunal and had to leave. So once again they had problems within the bass-ranks. End of ´99: 2 hours before their seventh gig Rob Devilpig showed up and played that gig with them. Then in the nuclear distorted beginning of 2000 they finally recorded their long awaited "W.A.R. : The Final Solution" tape and the infamous "Nuclear Goat" split 7" EP with Suicidal Winds. Now the live-split tape was also unleashed. With these releases to back them up they launched an attack on the eastern front in May 2000 at the Hell Gates festival in Tallinn, Estonia. A year later August 2001: Sombre records in Germany released a 16 track LP called "Chainsaw Execution" containing tracks from all their releases so far as well as an unreleased studio track.
1. Slay the God;
2. I will puke on Christ
3. The Witches Song
4. Annihilist
5. Storm of Hate
6. Endless War
7. Brazilian Deathsquad Attack
8. Merciless Hecatomb
9. A.K.D.F.
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