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Item no. : MASSCDDG1515
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Release Date : 13 April 2015



Death metal mayhem at its best! A reissue of the second album by the German death metal squadron Hackneyed, originally released in 2009 and produced by Corni Bartels. More mature, brutal, and energetic than the band’s debut, this was the album that showed what the guys from Hackneyed are really made of! New edition re-released on Golden Disc, limited and numerated to 2000 copies.

The German death metal act Hackneyed was formed in 2006 by Philipp Mazal and Tim Cox. After a period of lineup instability, the band finally settled on the lineup of Philipp Mazal, Tim Cox, Devin Cox, Alex Büttner, and Felix Papp. In 2008, the band recorded their debut album “Death Prevails”, which caught the attention of, and was subsequently released by, Nuclear Blast Records. A series of festival appearances followed, including shows at Summer Breeze, Death Feast and Rock Harz, as also a number of European shows and tours with Morbid Angel, Kataklysm, Keep of Kalessin, and Aborted. In 2009, the band’s second album, “Burn After Reaping”, saw the light of day, witnessing the departure of guitarist Felix Papp, who was replaced by Juan Sierra. Following the release, Hackneyed set off for a number of European festival appearances, including Summer Nights, With Full Force, Metal Camp, Summer Breeze, as also a tour with Nile, Krisiun, Grave, and Ulcerate. In 2010, after bassist Alex Büttner was replaced by Tini Wuttke, the band set off for their first headlining tour. The year 2011 marked the band’s signing to Lifeforce Records, which released their third and latest album to date – “Carnival Cadavre”.

01. Burn…
02. Finger on the Trigger
03. Deatholution
04. Weed Flavoured Meat
05. March of the Worms
06. Bloodshed
07. Redying
08. Kingdom of Thoughts
09. Home Meat Home
10. Putrid
11. Last Man on Earth
12. Mental Mastication
13. Guantanamo Bay Holiday
14. …After Reaping (instrumental)
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