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Release Date : 21 January 2022




"The Stockholm trio’s eponymous 2018 full-length is just about as good as it gets for all the groove it’s giving. As the record spins, its hypnotic gaze takes us back through the maze of time, surrounding us in the electrically charged haze of the feel good era. It sounds for all the world like this could be a contemporary of Ozzy and the boys, though it never condescends to full-on Sabbath worship.

No, Hazemaze has found their own way, niching somewhere between the early styles of doom that manifested on both sides of the Atlantic, though I hasten to add 'slow, blues-infused hard rock' might be a better descriptor than straight-up 'heavy metal.' That is, unless this exciting release had come out in the seventies. Back then, it would have been considered the epitome of heavy metal, just as Zeppelin and Priest were in  teenage years. Capturing this authentic a sound and making it so alive, so vibrant, so now…well, that is no small feat.

Truly, a standout album, especially if you’re as diehard a fan of old school doom as I am. Fresh artistry is fully on display all over Hazemaze Give any one of these tracks a spin and you’ll see, though you should be warned (in the words of 'Black Mamba II'): 'One bite and then you are gone'."

Hazemaze self-titled debut album was recorded in the winter of 2017 in Falun and was engineered by Timmy Ternestål. It was later released in early 2018, and we are excited to finally release a brand pressing with a new and reimagined artwork, and for the first time ever on cd-format."

1. Wall Of Confusion
2. Lord Cubensis
3. Black Mamba pt.1
4. Black Mamba pt.2
5. Minds Abyss
6. Lies
7. Beast and Prey
8. Searching
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