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Item no. : M0912
Artist : HEXEN
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 04 March 2022



Reissue of “Being and Nothingness,” the acclaimed 2012 sophomore album from California neo-thrashers HEXEN
“Being and Nothingness” saw the band continue evolving the combination of old-school ferocity, with a more progressive new-school technicality and dark and socially conscious lyrics that helped them stand out in the fiercely competitive Southern California thrash revival that birthed acts such as Warbringer, Fueled By Fire, Merciless Death, Bonded By Blood and Exmortus. 
“Being and Nothingness” - originally released by Pulverised Records – saw original HEXEN co-guitarist Artak Tavaratsyan return to the band after a hiatus of several years, bolstering the foundation laid on the previous record by the shredding guitar assault of Ronny Dorian, the precise drumming of Cruz and the dextrous bass and searing vocals of Andre Hartoonian. The band's second album – which featured cover art from renowned metal artist Kristian Wåhlin aka “Necrolord” (At The Gates, Dissection, Emperor) - was hailed by Metal Underground as “a roaring spectacle of glossy solos and intricate song writing” and was praised as “one of the more impressive thrash albums” of 2012 by Sputnik Music. HEXEN disbanded soon after the release of “Being and Nothingness,” with band members turning their focus to academic and collegiate endeavours and Cruz joining Warbringer.

For fans of Megadeth, early Testament, Cynic and Death, etc!

1. Macrocosm
2. Grave New World
3. Defcon Rising
4. Private Hell
5. Walk As Many, Stand As One
6. Stream Of Unconsciousness
7. Indefinite Archetype
8. The Nescient
9. Nocturne

Bonus disc of previously unreleased demo and live tracks

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