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Item no. : M0902
Artist : HEXEN
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 24 September 2021



M-Theory Audio will be reissuing “State of Insurgency”, the acclaimed 2008 debut album from California neo-thrashers HEXEN. The group was one of Southern California's proudest contributions to the thrash metal revival of that era. HEXEN's combination of old-school ferocity, new-school technicality, and socially conscious lyrics helped them stand out in the fiercely competitive scene that birthed fellow acts such as Warbringer, Exmortus, Bonded By Blood and Fueled By Fire. The band's debut record – originally released by OSM Records - was powered by the shredding double-guitar assault of Ronny Dorian and James Lopez, the precise drumming of Carlos Cruz, and the dextrous bass and searing vocals of Andre Hartoonian.

“State of Insurgency” - produced by Dave Swanson (Carnifex, Riot V) and featuring cover art from iconic heavy metal artist Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Municipal Waste) - was hailed by Blabbermouth for being "well-written, molten thrash metal...heartfelt and proudly old-school...jam-packed with great riffs." HEXEN followed up the critical acclaim for their debut record with a nationwide tour and numerous gigs supporting acts such as Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel and fellow new-school thrashers such as Lazarus A.D., Rattlehead, and Mantic Ritual.

HEXEN followed up their debut album with the release of 2012's “Being and Nothingness” on Pulverised Records, before breaking up in 2013. M-Theory Audio's 2021 reissue of “State of Insurgency” will see the record make its official vinyl debut, and the CD version of this reissue will include a bonus disc with two full live sets from the band's original run. 

1. Blast Radius  
2. Gas Chamber  
3. Past Life  
4. Knee Deep in the Dead  
5. Chaos Aggressor  
6. Bedlam Walls  
7. The Serpent  
8. No More Color  
9. Mutiny and Betrayal  
10. Seditions in Peacetime  
11. Desolate Horizons  
12. State of Insurgency  
13. Outro
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