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Release Date : 23 January 2012



The Intersphere’s strongest talent is that they have created a distinctly original sound that is influenced but not dominated by others. Recorded in Horus Sound Studio in Hannover under the direction of producer Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, H-Blockx) frontman Hessler, guitarist Thomas Zipner, Sebastian Wagner (bass), and drummer Moritz Muller have delivered 12 songs with such originality that it makes it hard to place them into just one category. They mix art rock with alternative, throw in a bit of spring reverb that oats the psychedelic guitars and creates a sound that is beyond hippie beatitude. Powerful and post-rock-modern, their sound creates the image and smell of thrashing mobs in sweaty t-shirts in small clubs and on summer festivals. If the guys are half as cool as their songs, than they will be able to handle the upcoming comparisons with bands like Muse, Dredg, or Incubus. Especially since The Intersphere, with all their infatuation with experimentation, have never let themselves be distracted from the essence of a good song: fabricating melodies that anchor themselves a little deeper into your subconscious the more often you hear them.
2LP Edition (+CD):
LP 1 A
right through me (2:48)
prodigy composers (4:06)
ghostwriter (4:05)
snapshot (4:19)
LP 1 B
early bird (3:28)
in satellites (2:37)
I have a place for you on google earth (7:41)
LP 2 C
interspheres><atmospheres (4:37)
state of the divine (3:24)
soapbubbles in the rain (4:38)
LP 2 D
the far out astronaut (3:50)
tear down the walls (5:43)
+ CD version in paper sleeve
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