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Item no. : MASSCD0687
Artist : IRON FATE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 02 August 2010



Iron Fate – the name says it all. A name that is known in the band’s area for solid, classical heavy metal. The 5-piece from the Goslar-area bases their sound on their ideals Judas Priest, Black Sabbath & Iron Maiden. Because of singer Denis Brosowski’s power vocals the band becomes a strong potion of US metal guiding their sound in a more modern direction and close to acts like Sanctuary, Nevermore and Iced Earth! In 2010 Iron Fate release their debut „Cast In Iron“ through Massacre-Records, which was done in cooperation with Jost Schlüter by Pure Sonic in Langelsheim– and this one got it all! Without any pathos or hype here you got heavy metal in its purest and most beautiful form – and also well packaged. The band’s concept, the suiting atwork and the mighty production simply make „Cast In Iron“ a stunning metal album never heard for a while from a German newomer act. Iron Fate - Metal as Metal can be!
1. The Arrival
2. Iron Fate
3. Resurrection
4. Lightning Bolt
5. Imagine A Better World
6. Killer Instinct
7. Rage In A Cage
8. War In The Streets
9. Painful Sorrow
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