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Release Date : 15 September 2023



After a promising debut album in 2017, Danish hard rockers JUNKYARD DRIVE were ready to explode in the scene in 2018 with their second studio
effort, "Black Coffee". The timing was right, the band was kinda hot, but no one could expect the amazing collection of songs that the collective
would write and record for the album.
The record was an instant success, with hits such as "Where I Belong" "Sweet Little Dreamer" and "Way Too Long" getting massive airplay on Danish
radio, topping the streaming charts, and granting Junkyard Drive spots in the main festivals and Denmark and a start to their international career.
Today, "Black Coffee" is one of Denmark's hard rock's most listened albums online, with over seven million streams on the main platforms. "Where I
Belong" is even the most popular Junkyard Drive song, with more than three million streams on Spotify.
Now, after years sold out, "Black Coffee" will finally have a new vinyl edition. It will be available on purple 180-gram LP, limited to 500 copies and
hand-numbered. A classic format for a modern classic hard rock album, which the collectors will not want to miss.
1. Time Is Over
2. Sweet Little Dreamer
3. Sucker For Your Love
4. Make Up Your Mind
5. Backseat Baby
6. Way To Long
7. Through The Door
8. Same Old Story
9. Wasted Nights
10. Where I Belong
11. See You Next Time
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