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Item no. : PMZ049CD
Artist : MALRUN
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 13 December 2010



On the debut album “Beauty in Chaos” Danish MALRUN combines energetic metal and catchy rock melodies on a surprisingly high international level.
In many ways MALRUN is about duality and contrasts. While the band no doubts live and breathes for their energetic and explosive live energy, MALRUN also has a deep, dark and melancholic side, especially in the clean vocals and lyrics. MALRUN’s dark and fragile lyrical universe explores human relations and the darker emotions in a number of short stories throughout the album. The refreshing thing about the lyrics however is that MALRUN often adds extra flavour with little twists of humour, irony, sarcasm, positivity or sex, and these ingredients provide an extra dimension when compared to many other hardrock/metalbands. The music has good range, and the album contains both energetic metal tracks, melodic rock tunes and more fragile/melancholic ballads, so there should be something for everyone on the album, and still all tracks follow a fine red thread in the form of MALRUN’s personal dark universe. MALRUN released their first EP, “Longest Road To Rome” in 2007. The following year they released the second EP, “Beyond” (produced by Tue Madsen) for which they received very good reviews in Denmark resulting in high expectations for their debut album. In June 2009 things started picking up some speed as MALRUN was picked as local support for American hard-rockers STAIND. Here they proved that their special brand of metal and rock works perfect in front of big audiences. Since then MALRUN has played quite a few gigs and was recently hand-picked to perform at the Danish showcase festival SPOT Festival 2010 as a part of the event “SPOT METAL – The Nordic Explosion”. Now, MALRUN is releasing their debut album, “Beauty in Chaos”, which is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Mercenary, Dúné, Fear My Thoughts). On some of the tracks MALRUN has applied elements of electronica and strings to add extra favour and dimension, and Mercenary’s lead guitarist has recorded a guest solo for the track “Strapped While You Dance”. The album’s fold-out booklet has been designed in line with MALRUN’s dark themes to visually support the music as well.
1. Intro
2. Ostracized
3. Strapped While You Dance
4. Caught Between Your Legs
5. Wounded Pride
6. Rise From Sorrow
7. Winter’s Kiss
8. The Jovian Transit
9. Unsealed
10. The Pledge
11. Trim The Fat
12. Rearranging
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