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Release Date : 26 January 2024



Thrash, prog, power, black, death, pure heavy metal and everything else your metal heart desires, all rolled into one album, is what MANTICORA is all about. The band, who started out in 1997 (nine albums ago) as a power metal outfit, has transformed and thereby developed their own unique style of heavy metal. They are a melting pot of everything you want to hear as a genuine metal fan. Welcome to “Mycelium”.
After their grandiose, critically acclaimed, two-album concept from 2018/2020, plus a 334-page novel (written by the band’s singer Lars F. Larsen)
which the albums were based on, the Danes have "scaled down" a bit and written another majestic concept album. This time only spanning a total
running time of 48-minutes.
“Mycelium”, the new opus, is less symphonic and takes an angrier, more raw approach, with aggression as its main focus. Manticora has created a
true DIY album, where the only outside influence has been the mastering (done by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios). Everything else has been crafted
by the band themselves. From the concept, to the lyrics, music, production, artwork - you name it, Manticora provided it. High-octane metal, which is only recommended for the strong at heart.
1. Winter Solstice
2. Necropolitans
3. Demonday
4. Angel Of The Spring
5. Golem Sapiens
6. Mycelium
7. Beast Of The Fall
8. Equinox
9. Mementopolis
10. Día De Los Muertos
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