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Item no. : BNM066LPB
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 06 October 2023



Iconic Sámi – Norwegian folk artist Mari Boine is known as genre-bending trailblazer with a taste for jazz, folk, rock, and world. Returning with a new album after five years, she has again found something completely different inside her than anything heard before. The album ‘Amame’, co-written with Norwegian jazz artist BuggeWesseltoft shows a different and more mature Mari Boine, accompanied by Wesseltoft’s tender and responsive piano playing. Songs with seriousness and depth, sung by Mari Boine tells stories about love, human vulnerability, injustice, and struggle, but also about pride and dignity.
1. Amame jávkat (So We Don’t Fade) 05:03
2. Alit alihastá aliha (Blue Shines the Blue) (03:52)
3. Don oidnet mu sielu (You Saw My Soul) (04:38)
4. Elle (04:40)
5. Čiŋadan gahpiriin (My Head Holds High the Horned Hat) 03:37
6. Eadnán bákti (To Woman) 04:58
7.If Tomorrow’s Mine 05:23
8. Mihá (I Stand Tall) 05:23
9. Jearrat biekkas (To Ask the Wind) 06:06
10. Leat go don dies (Will You Be There) 03:50
11. Mu oappá niegus (In My Sister’s Dream) 08:35
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